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Bulandshahar Traffic Challan

How to check your Bulandshahar Traffic Challan?

  1.  Go to

  2. Enter Vehicle Number

  3. Enter last 5 characters of Chasis number or Engine number

  4. Enter the captcha

  5. Click on Get detail to get details of all your traffic challans. 

How to Pay Bulandshahar Challan Offline:

Challans are usually sent to court after a period of 90 days from date of challan. In such cases, you cannot pay challan online on parivahan website. You have to avail services of an advocate to pay the challan in court. These challans can only be paid in court. 

How can we help you to pay your Bulandshahar Traffic Challan?

We help you to pay the challan in court and get it disposed from parivahan portal.

  1.  First, an application is filed by us in court for payment of challan.

  2. A trafic infringement report/ Chargesheet of that particular challan is issued by traffic office and sent to court. 

  3. We then pay the fine amount in court on your behalf and get a receipt. 

  4. The receipt is then submitted to traffic office by us.

  5. Traffic office disposes the challan from parivahan portal in a few days. 

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